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A Decorated Constitutional Conservative

Tom Garrett is the only candidate in the race for the 56th House District who has ever been endorsed by the NRA, the VCDL, the Gun Owners of America, the Virginia Family Foundation, the National Federation of Independent Business, and the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. 

Tom Garrett is the only candidate in the race for the 56th House District who has ever been rated as the absolute best legislator in the Virginia Senate by the NRA, VCDL, GOA, VA Family Foundation, NFIB, and the Virginia Chamber of Commerce.

Tom Garrett is the only candidate in the race for the 56th House district who has been named ‘Freshman Legislator of the Year’ by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce.

If elected to the House of Delegates, Tom will continue to vote the way he always has—and lead from the front on the issues that matter most.

Tom Garrett has earned one of the highest grades from the American Conservative Union during his time in office, as well as their “Conservative Excellence” Award.


Tom Garrett is 100% pro-gun. He honorably served in the Military and led soldiers in Operation Joint Guard and Joint Endeavor. Tom Garrett has continually led the charge to promote, protect, and defend the Second Amendment. Tom Garrett has consistently supported constitutional carry in the past, and will continue to fight for constitutional carry in the Virginia House of Delegates.

While in the Virginia Senate, the VCDL consistently rated Tom Garrett as amongst, or the most pro-gun legislator in Richmond. Ratings for 201320142015, and 2016.

The NRA Endorsed Tom Garrett for Virginia Senate and for Congress in 2016.

The Gun Owners of America endorsed Tom Garrett for Congress in 2016, after giving him an A rating.


Tom Garrett is 100% pro-life, pro-family, and for our shared conservative values. Tom Garrett will support legislation that recognizes life begins at conception in the Virginia House of Delegates in the wake of the Dobbs decision.

The Virginia Family Foundation gave Tom Garrett a 100% from 2012-2013.

Taxes and Spending

Tom Garrett supports lowering our tax burden and opposes wasteful, unnecessary government spending. Tom Garrett will work to undo the increased taxes and spending brought on by McAullife and Northam, and work with Governor Youngkin to make Virginia’s tax rates competitive with other low-tax states in America. Virginia should be a state that Texans and Floridians want to retire to, and not the other way around!

Slash Regulation and Promote Small Business

Tom Garrett has always worked to reduce onerous and unnecessary regulations and to promote Virginia’s small businesses, and will continue to do so if elected to the Virginia House of Delegates. 

His strong voting record has earned him top ratings from the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. 95% lifetime rating, a 98% in 2015, and a 100% and ‘Champion of Free Enterprise’ award in 2014.

The NFIB gave Tom Garrett a 100% rating.