Date: November 22, 2022
Contact: [email protected]

(Richmond, VA) At a press conference held at the Virginia Capitol, in front of the Virginia Civil Rights Monument, former Congressman, State Senator, and Prosecutor Tom Garrett declared his candidacy for Virginia’s 56th House of Delegates District.

“Four and one half years ago, almost to the day, I announced from this very location that I would not be seeking reelection to the Congress due to my battle with alcoholism. Since then, I have not had a single drop of alcohol, one day at a time, by the grace of God. I have found peace and contentment that I hadn’t previously known. Today, I have found my passion for service stronger than ever.

When I announced I wasn’t seeking reelection, many colleagues from both sides of the aisle reached out to extend best wishes.  The story that stands out the most was one told to me by former State Senator Bill Carrico.  He related an occasion where his wife, who’d been watching the Virginia Senate on PBS said to him ‘Wow, Tom Garrett is really good!’  Bill told me that he responded by saying ‘I wonder how good he could be if he wasn’t hungover half of the mornings?’

If the Lord wills it, and if the voters of Virginia’s 56th District will have me, in one year, we will find out.”

In conjunction with his announcement, Garrett announced the endorsements of three Virginia political figures, Congressman Bob Good, former Attorney General and Trump Administration official Ken Cuccinelli, and Delegate Nick Freitas.