(Scottsville, VA) The character vacuum that is the Kevin Bailey Campaign continues to do what
they do best—lie and attack everyone who doesn’t support their lies.

Bailey claims Tom Garrett is trying to exclude the Appomattox Delegation. This is a
demonstrable lie.

Tom Garrett has never once advocated for removing the Appomattox delegation—in fact, Tom
Garrett repeatedly argued in favor of seating the entire Appomattox delegation, only arguing
over the order in which they would be seated. Below are screenshots from Tom Garrett and his
campaign’s text messages during the 56th LDC Meeting.

Garrett’s texts stated:
“we want all the delegates seated”

“Appomattox should have delegates”

“two wrongs don’t make a right”

Tom Garrett issued the following statement in response:

“Shame on you, Kevin Bailey.

Whether during my time volunteering for the United States Army or while serving in elected
office, I have come across far too many people who would tell lies to get what they want.
Anyone can accuse anyone else of anything, but that does not make it true. For example, if I
said Kevin Bailey shot JFK, it does not mean that Kevin Bailey actually shot JFK in reality. The
difference between us is that I wouldn’t do that.

In a he-said-she-said scenario, it is a lot easier to get away with lying than when there is actual
proof of what happened. For example, Bill Clinton likely would have gotten away with his
improprieties in the Oval Office, if it weren’t for that infamous blue dress.

Unfortunately for Kevin Bailey, I not only have the truth on my side, but I have the receipts to
back it up. As is plainly evident from my texts and my speech from the Appomattox Mass
Meeting, I have only argued for seating all Appomattox delegates and before that, for a fair,
candidate-neutral method of selecting delegates. All of this is on tape or in writing for the world
to see.

Kevin Bailey’s brazen lying has proven he is wholly unqualified and undeserving of public trust
and holding public office.

And, as if to put the cherry on top, Kevin Bailey invested a lot of time and energy into finding the
most unflattering photo of Jennie Wood to use in their screed. Manipulating images to make a
Republican women look bad is a textbook sexist Democrat Party tactic.

If you’ve endorsed Kevin Bailey, it’s time to consider pulling that endorsement. If you know
someone who has endorsed Kevin Bailey, it’s time to consider asking them to pull their

Shame on you, Kevin Bailey.”


Paid for and Authorized by Tom Garrett for Delegate

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